podman on macos(M1)

% podman machine init
Downloading VM image: fedora-coreos-36.20221014.2.0-qemu.aarch64.qcow2.xz: done
Extracting compressed file
Image resized.
Machine init complete
To start your machine run:

  podman machine start

% podman --help
Manage pods, containers and images

  podman [options] [command]

Available Commands:
  attach      Attach to a running container
  build       Build an image using instructions from Containerfiles
  commit      Create new image based on the changed container
  container   Manage containers
  cp          Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem
  create      Create but do not start a container
  diff        Display the changes to the object's file system
  events      Show podman events
  exec        Run a process in a running container
  export      Export container's filesystem contents as a tar archive
  generate    Generate structured data based on containers, pods or volumes
  healthcheck Manage health checks on containers
  help        Help about any command
  history     Show history of a specified image
  image       Manage images
  images      List images in local storage
  import      Import a tarball to create a filesystem image
  info        Display podman system information
  init        Initialize one or more containers
  inspect     Display the configuration of object denoted by ID
  kill        Kill one or more running containers with a specific signal
  load        Load image(s) from a tar archive
  login       Login to a container registry
  logout      Logout of a container registry
  logs        Fetch the logs of one or more containers
  machine     Manage a virtual machine
  manifest    Manipulate manifest lists and image indexes
  network     Manage networks
  pause       Pause all the processes in one or more containers
  play        Play containers, pods or volumes from a structured file
  pod         Manage pods
  port        List port mappings or a specific mapping for the container
  ps          List containers
  pull        Pull an image from a registry
  push        Push an image to a specified destination
  rename      Rename an existing container
  restart     Restart one or more containers
  rm          Remove one or more containers
  rmi         Removes one or more images from local storage
  run         Run a command in a new container
  save        Save image(s) to an archive
  search      Search registry for image
  secret      Manage secrets
  start       Start one or more containers
  stats       Display a live stream of container resource usage statistics
  stop        Stop one or more containers
  system      Manage podman
  tag         Add an additional name to a local image
  top         Display the running processes of a container
  unpause     Unpause the processes in one or more containers
  untag       Remove a name from a local image
  version     Display the Podman version information
  volume      Manage volumes
  wait        Block on one or more containers

  -c, --connection string         Connection to use for remote Podman service (default "podman-machine-default")
      --help                      Help for podman
      --identity string           path to SSH identity file, (CONTAINER_SSHKEY) (default "/Users/labuser/.ssh/podman-machine-default")
      --log-level string          Log messages above specified level (trace, debug, info, warn, warning, error, fatal, panic) (default "warn")
      --noout                     do not output to stdout
      --storage-opt stringArray   Used to pass an option to the storage driver
      --url string                URL to access Podman service (CONTAINER_HOST) (default "ssh://core@localhost:55015/run/user/501/podman/podman.sock")
  -v, --version                   version for podman
% podman machine start
Starting machine "podman-machine-default"
Waiting for VM ...
Mounting volume... /Users/labuser:/Users/labuser

This machine is currently configured in rootless mode. If your containers
require root permissions (e.g. ports < 1024), or if you run into compatibility
issues with non-podman clients, you can switch using the following command:

  podman machine set --rootful

API forwarding listening on: /Users/labuser/.local/share/containers/podman/machine/podman-machine-default/podman.sock

The system helper service is not installed; the default Docker API socket
address can't be used by podman. If you would like to install it run the
following commands:

  sudo /opt/homebrew/Cellar/podman/4.2.1/bin/podman-mac-helper install
  podman machine stop; podman machine start

You can still connect Docker API clients by setting DOCKER_HOST using the
following command in your terminal session:

  export DOCKER_HOST='unix:///Users/labuser/.local/share/containers/podman/machine/podman-machine-default/podman.sock'

Machine "podman-machine-default" started successfully